Sunday, June 9, 2019

Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Nursing - Assignment ExampleNurses burnout jeopardizes nursing practice because it interferes with the normal effectiveness with which nurses offer bursting charge to patients. In this regard, nurses fail to put to death their obligations.Patients have legal rights to sufficient health care regardless of their social, economic or political status (Snyder & Weiner 2005). When nurses fail to fulfill their obligations as outlined by twain the law and the nursing codes of ethics, then a legal liability is due. Patients who are not satisfied with the way nurses bag their cases are entitled to legal processes that are tailored towards pursuing the matter further. Jaded nurses should take their time to re-evaluate their suitability in the profession. This does not imply that the nurses should append health care services in perfect condition. It is obvious that different professions are characteristic of stress related to work. However, nursing practices requires that nurses be in a pos ition to manage their personal challenges in the work place. A nurse under burnout experiences deteriorated personal welfare. Extending this factor to the patients may constitute quitting the profession all together. Burnout is in like manner associated with an attitude notion that may not go down well with colleagues and the entire workforce in general. Patients satisfaction and safety is jeopardized in the process (Snyder & Weiner 2005).Patients subscribe to be fully informed on how to manage their medications and care. Doctors who fail to fully inform patients about this face both ethical and legal risks. Doctors are socially and legally obliged to serve the patients interests prior to the special knowledge they possess. Medical relationship between the patient and the doctor should be undecided and either party should provide as much information as possible to the other. Each party should act in respect to the other, such that both fulfill what they are required to. Whatever the health complication is, the doctor should be

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