Friday, June 21, 2019

Communication, Writing and Professional Practice-The report of Essay

Communication, Writing and Professional Practice-The report of Workplace Communication in a large Supermarket - Essay ExampleRetail organizations, like most other organizations, to a larger extent are dependent on their employees for achieving outstanding conquest on their behalf. internal dialogue, may it be between peers or between supervisors and managers, forms a link between the people of an organization, which in the long run serves to cleanse their productivity. This report analyzes the effect that an appropriate communication strategy has on the performance of the employees of a large supermarket in Australia. The report also attempts to find out which communication processes are most effective in the context of a supermarket lay outting and tries to analyze the reason for their effectiveness.In most organizations, communications is controlled by a set of rules and norms which may be written down formally in the more(prenominal) centralized organizations, or may be commu nicated orally and cozyly in more decentralized work settings. It is essentially these rules, and their information by the employees of a supermarket, that this essay plans on exploring.Gilsdorf (1998), notes that workplace communication and the rules which govern it, whether they are written, unwritten, formal or informal instruct the employees on how to act and what is expected of them. She also points out that having this knowledge maximizes both their effectiveness and the success of their organization because this knowledge helps these employees improve their performance. However, what is most pivotal in making this statement is the fact that any sort of communication practice will only achieve its aim if the employees perceive it to be worthwhile. fit in to Gray and Laidlaw (2002),research literature confirms that organizational communication has been examined mainly from two perspectives the first one being the process perspective and the second being the perception perspec tive. The perception perspective is based

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