Tuesday, June 18, 2019

English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 44

English - Essay ExampleThe current political system discourages all(a) people from participating, especially Arab Americans. The system has become unsustainable and there is need to enlighten American foreign policy. There is need to develop a foreign policy that seeks to establish peace rather than perpetuate war, especially in the Arab world.Practically, all Americans are included in the American Dream. Exclusion from the dream is a voluntary process where the discontented, particularly some minority groups, can excuse themselves from the Dream. American expects a lot from individual people who pursue the American Dream. In their hard work to succeed, individuals usually contribute to the success of the nation through their contribution to the overall economic welfare of the nation. American art exposes a melancholy tension in the Dream. The work culture that was once characteristic of America is go down as the country strives for new innovations aimed at propelling it a step fu rther as the worlds greatest nation. The features of the American Dream that mark wealth, fame and power affect the polity and global image of America by casting an image of a greedy country, that focuses more on its interest and would do all to achieve what benefits it at the expense of other

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