Friday, September 27, 2019

Supporting a difficult point Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Supporting a difficult point - Essay Example Performance anxiety over fixed tests and graded assignments inhibits high level thinking among students. Grading system usually associated with lot of projects, assignments and seminars. Since student’s performance will be rated in all of the above while deciding the grades, students will much tensed and they will not get opportunities for mental relaxation. The mental fatigue will be crucial factor associated with such projects and assignments. I know certain students engaged in getting the assignments done by others in order to reduce their work load. This habit will actually against the principles of the grading system. Students will learn nothing from such assignments done by others. The anxiety over grades will prevent students from developing as intellectual abilities. Students will concentrate more on their grades rather than anything else. Grades will create discrimination feeling among the students. Those who have secured ‘A’ grade will treat the ‘B’ or ‘C’ grade people as fools. This will result in, students losing interest in their studies and the classes. This inferiority will create desperations and frustrations among them. I know two persons who are teaching in a college. Both of them are teaching the same subject, but students are interested in the lecture classes of one more than the other. Interestingly the lecturer, whose classes labeled as boring by the students, secured much higher grades than the other lecturer during his studies. It clearly showed that grading system is not at all a reflection of abilities or intellectual level. In most of the universities grading will be done in a biased manner. Professors will have likes and dislikes upon certain students and while doing the internal assessment they will consider all such things. I have twice victimized while studying for my Bachelor course and Post Graduation course. During my Post Graduation studies one

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