Saturday, September 28, 2019

Reality Television Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Reality Television - Assignment Example Media provides knowledge through a never-ending list of channels like News, history, education, sports and so on. Initially, this field was restricted only to professionals. But with the advent of reality television shows, normal people found their way to participate and contribute towards media development. The initial efforts were first applied for on-air voice shows and after their resounding success made way into the visual screen; television. Reality television shows, which show real life, are generally unscripted drama or real events pictures on ordinary people rather than professional actors. In addition, hundreds of reality TV websites are devoted to keeping viewers informed about a different range of TV programmes related merchandise, news, and fan activities1. Ever since TV gained popularity, it is the fore-runner among media development giving a real-time account of happenings in the world. Based on featuring style, purpose and used situations, these shows can be broadly classified in categories like documentary-style, elimination game/quiz shows, self-improvement/makeover, dating shows, talk shows, hidden camera, and hoaxes2. There are lots of controversies regarding reality TV about being real. Many accidents happened during shows. And even many people don’t like it due to various reasons. Sometimes these persons are family members of a participant. In spite of these many obstacles, reality TV business in expanding daily and gaining more and more popularity. Reasons for this is its use to ordinary people, many social issues raised and many more. Next sections explain about reality TV in detail and convince the reader about how reality TV efficiently deals with issues like work, home, public, domestic, competition, co-operation, relationships, betrayal, deception, testing, trust, success, winning, failure, celebrity, voyeurism, surveillance and control.   Documentary style cinema and television shows are like ‘window on the world’ for their audiences.  

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