Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Art Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Art Presentation - Essay Example This piece of work depicts the second coming of Christ, Christ’s ascension, and the Virgin Mary with Jesus on her lap. According to (Gardner, Helen, Kleiner pg), Mary’s eminence in Roman Catholic is clearly elaborated in the ornamentation of the Romanesque church Culture: The piece of architecture was established through eagerness of the Germany architects to embrace the architectural style from French Gothic. Initially, Germans expressed themselves through sculptures and according to (Gardner, Helen, Kleiner pg), the Chartres Cathedral art piece marked a new era in art and architecture in Germany. The Carolingian artwork can trace its origin when Charlemagne was at the helm of the new Roman Emperor in the year 800. To commemorate his achievement, Charlemagne revived the culture, art and political ideals for the new Holy Roman Emperor. The Carolingian artwork was characterized by illuminated manuscripts that Charlemagne brought during his many visits to North Europe. His era experienced the transformation of Carolingian art to classical style borrowed from Italy. A phenomenal Carolingian artwork is the image of St. Mark Gospels from Ebbo. The figure depicts a moment of frenzy and revitalization. In addition, the piece is illustrated in three-dimensional form and in a landscape. The artwork stands tall for the era since most of the artworks in the era were oriented on the ground. The architects of ottonian era advanced the skills and expertise inherited from the Carolingian architects after the fall of the United Holy Empire. Unlike the Carolingian architects, they also implemented Byzantine knowledge in order to customize architectural concepts for a unique identity. The era experienced intermarriages with the Byzantine, an incident that brought about a merge in the artwork and architecture. The Byzantine styles had a considerable influence on the presentation and orientation of the

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