Saturday, September 7, 2019

Reflection Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Reflection Paper - Assignment Example Corruption has lead to the failure of democracy and good governance in the states that have been hit by this catastrophic. For example in Zimbabwe citizens just hear the word democracy but they haven’t yet experienced it. President Mugabe has used his political power to influence the election so as to favor him to continue be the president. This is an infringement to the rights of the voting citizens who are forced now to be led by a person they haven’t chosen. Since corruption influenced the electioneering process, definitely the governance will not be to the standard. This is because the president has to do a favor to those who supported his candidature and helped in rigging. According to (Fraser, 2007) this favors comes in form of appointment of public offices. The efficiency in the government to dispense service now become a tall order, since the one appointed is chasing his objective of gathering more wealth from the public. It has been noted that most cash got from illegal activities are not banked in the local banks but rather they are moved to other foreign banks. For instance in Nigeria between 1960 to 1999 their leaders had swiss bank accounts and within that period more than $400 had been moved from national treasury without being accounted for (Fraser, 2007). This clearly shows that the leaders have no interest of the people whom they serve. That large amount of fund being moved in an economy creates a financial deficit leads to inflation. Industrialization has brought with it benefits and tragedy too. The problem comes in with management of the waste products. Most companies in Africa receive political backing maybe because they financed the election campaign of the leader who is current in office. The company will use that on their advantage to fail to manage its waste products at the expense of citizens simply because a certain leader will protect them through thick and thin politically. This has

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