Saturday, July 20, 2019

Conflict between the Functions of Human Resources :: Human Resources Essays

What is conflict? Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. Conflict exists in organisations because, by their very nature, organisations require social interaction between people with different goals, values, and backgrounds. Recent structural, economic and philosophical changes in the world of work have escalated the likelihood and level of conflict within the workplace organisations. Distinctions must be made, though between positive and negative aspects of conflict in the workplace. If constructively managed conflict may lead to clearer ideas and increased organisational effectiveness. If unchecked, however conflict may become unduly disruptive. Human Resource Planning: Human resource planning is concerned with getting the right people, using them well and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation. Conflict may arise when deciding who are the right people to chose, and the skills and competences they will need to help the company to meet their objectives. Especially if there is more than one person involved in the decision making peoples opinions may differ and this may cause conflict over the final decision. They are also concerned with strategies and future plans for the organisation again people may feel their strategy is more suited to the company while others feel the opposite and again conflict arises. This department is linked with recruitment and selection because as pointed out this dept needs the right people to carry out their task of getting employees to meet the organisations goals. Conflict between these departments may arise if recruitment and selection are not recruiting the right person which wastes time and money and disables this department because this dept cannot go on to develop people if they are not right for the job in the first place. Recruitment and selection: This department can incur quite high costs and conflict may arise when decisions are made on how much of the budget should be spent and the most appropriate and cost effective way to spend it. For example ‘advertising’ decisions are to be made on how and when to advertise. Also when deciding on what the jobs that are to be recruited for will entail, judging which applications best meet the criteria set down for the post and finally selecting the best candidate for the post all of these factors include decision making and decision making between a group of people can often lead to conflict when disagreements between them arise. Performance management: Conflict may arise when deciding the best techniques to use to manage employees also how much employees should be paid in relation to performance – related pay. Also after hearing feedback from employees should and what requests they have made be granted.

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