Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Midterm Assignment Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Midterm Assignment - Term Paper Example Others have talked of the rise of the erstwhile colonies and their need for increasing their rates of economic growth as reasons for which there would be a lot of competition in the world without there being any significant cases of violence or anarchy. The rise different sources of power in the world would therefore result in the twentieth century being one where there is violence but not of a significant enough magnitude. This means that there would be middle ground that exists throughout the twentieth century. The events that took place in the twentieth century would affect significantly the outcome of the events of the twenty first. For instance, the two world wars that led to the loss of millions of lives would affect the way in which the world views violence. The way the nations of the world would look at collective violence sanctioned by a group of nation states would be different in the twentieth century. This can be seen in the clout that the United Nations has in dealing with decisions in the twentieth century. Even though there are situations where its authority is flouted, the international community more often than not supports its decisions. The mandate of the United Nations is considered to be synonymous with the mandate of the international community. This mandate is more often than not, geared towards the maintenance of peace in the world. This shall lead to situations where it has to be in conflict with certain interests. This shall lead to friction which shall not however, escalate to a condition where the mandate of the international community can or shall be collectively violated. The chances of two fronts forming in the world in the way it was in the twentieth century is not likely. Robert Jackson refers to the impossibility of extreme anarchy or extreme peace in his book Classical and Modern Thought

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